SPORE Vision


Incorporating the 5 elements of S + P + O + R + E

S - Seiko (Industrialisation)
In the early 70s, as part of our Industrialisation push, our then PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew convinced Seiko to set up a watch manufacturing plant in Singapore. This was Seiko's first plant outside of Japan.

P - Pillars (5 Ideals)
Singapore is founded on the Pillars depicted by the Five Ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality as represented by the five stars on its national flag. The Red and White colours of the national flag are reflected in the Red-White bezel. In addition, the Otter and Index are made luminous to signify light and hope even in difficult times.

O - Otter (Unity)
The face of the watch is "OTICA", our mascot Otter. Otters are seen more often in our parks and gardens in recent years and have endeared themselves to Singaporeans. It is family oriented and moves in groups. These values of Unity are what we need as a nation.

R - Respect (Transparency)
Seeing is believing and transparency allows us to see things clearly. With Transparency, Respect and trust are earned. Hence, the watch has an open back design to reveal its inner workings.

E - Endurance (Challenges)
As a small nation, some called Singapore a little red-dot.  The Challenges it faces are daunting but it has resilience and Endurance. The watch case selected is therefore that of a dive watch, enabling it to do its job - telling the time - even under extreme pressure.

Limited Edition

Only 328 pieces of the watch will be produced, each with a serial number. They will be sold at a special price of $328 each for PSP members and volunteers. The price for public is $399 each. The quantity produced and special price represent PSP's date of registration on 28th March 2019.

In addition, there will be several pieces with Special "Good Luck" Numbers selected for sale at $500 each.

To Pay

Preferred payment methods are:

  • PayNow:
    • UEN 202030734GDBS or
    • Scan the QR code below
  • Direct Bank Transfer to Fronds Pte. Ltd. DBS account no.  072-037676-5
  • If paying via ATM: please send us a copy of the receipt by Whatsapp to:
    • Roger at 97848769
    • Gigene at 94859227
    • Belan at 98299839

How to pay via PayNow using a mobile phone:

1) Please touch and hold on our QR code on this page.

2) When a pop-up window appears, select DOWN LOAD or ADD TO PHOTOS.

3) Now log into your bank using the app on your mobile phone.

4) From your bank app, go to PAY & TRANSFER, SCAN & PAY.

5) The QR scanner will appear on your phone, now touch the button PHOTO ALBUM or CHOOSE FROM LIBRARY.

6) Select the QR code image you just saved.

7) Fronds Pte. Ltd. name and UEN will display, type in the amount to pay.

8) Once you have made your payment please send us a message.