Limousine Service

Airport Transfer
◦ We provide a comfortable and affordable ride.

Corporate Limousine Services
◦ Whether you want to book a ride for a conference or business meeting, we provide corporate limousine services to clients in the business and corporate sector.

Personal Concierge Services
◦ Book the concierge services of your choice and relax at your home while we do the errands running services across Singapore.

Special Occasion
◦ We would provide you with limousine transport to cover up all the operational requirements for your event. You just have to state the event dates, and a limo cab will be waiting at your doorstep.

School Run
◦ In addition, we are also experienced in handling private bus services for school events such as daily transportation, excursions, camps, and field trips focused on your child’s safety.

Pricing Range

  • Airport Arrival $40 - $70
  • Airport Departure $35 - $65
  • Point to Point Transfer $35 - $60
  • Hourly Charter (Min. 2 hours) $35 - $60
  • School Chauffeur (Return trip) $70 - $90